Are you feeling restless in your current job? Or even a little underwhelmed or unchallenged?

Perhaps you're wondering if you should take the risk and change organisations or change careers altogether.

Whatever it is, you know you're ready for a change but don’t know what or how to execute that.

No matter what your position is, any decision is a big decision when it comes to your career. The Athena Leadership Academy Clarity Pack Program is a proven process that gives you all the self-awareness, confidence, and certainty about deciding on your next right step.

The Career Clarity online program takes you through an online version of the process I take my clients through when making big decisions about their careers. It's time to take back control and get clear on your direction. Create your career by design now and take a look at the course outline below. Feel free to take advantage of my complimentary one-day pass or reach out if you have any more questions.

You feel the need to step up, but you feel unsure about the next right steps.

You need help defining what you want from your career

You want to feel confident in your decision on the next step in your career

You are committed to making a difference in your career

You would like support but don't feel the need for one-on-one coaching

After completing the Career Clarity Online Program, you can expect to:

Have your career design so you can;

Feel confident in the next step/s to take

Increase the possibility of your earning power

Stop feeling unsure of your future

Have an in-depth understanding of what makes you happy

Take action and reach your own success

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to say, "My days are full of everything I love,
and nothing I don’t”?

Now is the time to take responsibility and control of your career and success! Start feeling re-energised with great tools to support you in bringing your own dream career to fruition.

I look forward to seeing you online!

Program overview and inclusions

Time is of the essence when it comes to making a decision about your career, this is why the Career Clarity Online program is structured in bite sized pieces. We recommend you allow a good 30 minutes per module for video and activities. All reports and activities are included in the course, however, if you want to dig deeper there are also links to additional paid reports.

The breakdown of sessions are as follows;

Example Curriculum

  Welcome to the Athena Leadership Academy Career Clarity Online Coaching Program.
Available in days
days after you enrol
  Session 1: Understanding Self
Available in days
days after you enrol
  Session 2:  What's important to you?
Available in days
days after you enrol
  Session 3:  Designing what's next
Available in days
days after you enrol
  Session 4:  Career By Design
Available in days
days after you enrol
  What Next?
Available in days
days after you enrol
Available in days
days after you enrol

About Linda Murray

Linda Murray is a successful businesswoman, coach, strategist and mentor, speaker and trainer.

Linda’s talent is teaching executives to increase their commercial success while using their authenticity. She mixes her personal experience in business, her strong academic background and her observations of hundreds of businesses to show executives how to enjoy greater commercial outcomes and accelerated individual success. Linda has the unique ability to focus on both the big picture and the details; the numbers and the people; the sales and the administration; the left-brain and the right-brain.

Linda has a Masters of Business Coaching, a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and Philosophy), is an Accredited Professional Coach and Certified NLP Practitioner and has a track record in assisting men and women in business to identify the commercially profitable big picture strategy and then create an achievable action plan to implement it.